Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stay cool Alaska: bidding farewell to the great white north

Today marks the final post regarding my time in the final frontier. After over 2 months in the last 2 years up in arctic Alaska, I've come to appreciate its wildness, its unique culture, and its slow internet connections. The food was expensive but delicious and except for the man eating polar bears and rabid foxes, the local wildlife was beautiful and non-threatening. While in Alaska, I also rekindled my love for Spam, in all of its mysterious meat(??)y glory. It was now time to put the north behind me and look southward. Past Seattle with its hipsters. Past Los Angeles with its highways and thick air. And even past New Zealand, which since the Lord of the Rings films, I now refer to as Middle Earth. My sights were now set on the great chilly continent of Antarctica.

As a final tribute to Alaska, I present one last testament to its beauty: an Alaska video compilation set to British electropop. I shot this in August 2010 while flying aerial surveys over glaciers in southern Alaska.

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