Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last Days in Chillyville

Today marks the last day of my Bi-Polar adventure. What started at the top of the world now comes to a close at the bottom. These last few months have been memorable for more than just being some of the coldest of my life. For me, this has been a worldly experience filled with culture and remote wilderness. Both ends of the Earth showcased incredible animals adapted to live in such extreme places. This included penguins, polar bears, musk ox, Bowhead, beluga, grey, and Minke whales, Weddell seals, snowy owls, and Arctic foxes. The culture ranged from the native Inupiat and their whaling practices to the bearded, vivid lifestyle of the residents at McMurdo Station. My work was a large part of this experience as well. Whales and balloons were the reasons for these wild locales.

From Mike's Bi-Polar Adventure
From Mike's Bi-Polar Adventure

I feel incredibly blessed. Not only for the opportunity to experience these places, but for the opportunity to share them with all of my friends and family back home. I enjoyed writing this blog as much as I truly hoped you enjoyed reading it. In my time between Antarctic deployments I would run into folks who'd said they had been following my blog or were really enjoying my pictures. This really meant a lot to me, more than you know. It was really special to be able to share this experience with you.

As a goodbye and farewell, I bring to you what many people have been asking me for for of PENGUINS!!!

Stay warm friends! :)

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